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HERPETOSURE® Four Season Bat Box

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The Herpetosure Four Season Bat Box is designed as an all-year roosting solution.

It has been made with varying levels of insulation allowing bats to move between the galleries, depending on ambient temperatures.

The Herpetosure Four Seasons Bat Box is made from 98% natural and renewable materials with no solvents or glues to taint the internal atmosphere.

Made out of Oak, and covered with Lead flashing and Cedar shingles this Herpetosure Bat Box is built for optimal weather proofing and longevity. Insulation is achieved using natural materials, such as compressed wool waste.

All our Bat Box Solutions can be erected as stand alone units or attached to existing buildings. Our free standing solutions are set on heavy gauge steel pedestals that are hinged for ease of maintenance.

New! HERPETOSURE® Heated Bat Box

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The New Herpetosure Heated Bat Box builds on the success of the Four Seasons Box and is designed for projects that require internal temperatures to be maintained between very specific parameters.

By using innovative heating technology, internal temperatures can be maintaned very accuratly; ideal for particularly exposed sites or for maintaining optimal conditions during the breeding season.